Transit Systems

A fixed transit box to allow for regularly changing services to maintain the required fire resistance of a compartment

Pass-It Transit System

Pass-It® Transit System

Pass-It® Transit System is a pre-assembled, multi-layered intumescent device in a 2 part steel shell. It is designed to prevent the passage of fire between compartment floors and walls, offering an element of acoustic isolation and air tightness whilst still allowing for easy installation/removal of services. There are 11 different sizes available depending on the number and size of the services. It can be formed into a modular grid forming an easy route for services.

Tested in flexible wall systems offering 120 minutes fire resistance.

The Advantages of Pass-It® Transit System

• Easy installation of services.
• Certifire CF5237.
• Instant entry / re-entry.
• Up to 2 hours FR – E120 EI 60.
• Use of advanced Intumescent Technology.
• Good Acoustic isolation properties.
• 11 different size combinations.
• Brackets included in the pack.
• Can be module fixed together.
• Superior level of sustainability.
• Ideal for Historical Building Upgrades or new build.