Stopseal Linear Gap Seal

Flexible intumescent seals for movement joints to maintain the required fire resistance of a compartment

LGS Linear Gap Seal

Stopseal® LGS (Linear Gap Seal)

Stopseal® LGS Linear Gap Seal is a elastomeric foam laminated with a graphite based intumescent compound on both sides. It is designed to perform as a 2 hour barrier in construction movement joints, when tested to BS 476. Designed for long linear installations in horizontal and vertical applications.

The Advantages of Stopseal LGS® Linear Gap Seal

  • Fire resistance testing to BS 476 120 mins
  • Certifire 3rd Party Accreditation CF507
  • IET (IEE) 17th Edition Fire Stop Compliant to Regulation 27.1-3 – Electrical Installations
  • BS 7671-2008 Chapter 42 & 52 – Electrical installations fire reisistance
  • Acoustic isolation to EN 10140 to 22 dB
  • Air permeability testing to EN 1026 to 600Pa – 100Pa 3.3/1.7m³/h/m² with Flexi-Coat®
  • Tested in block wall, concrete and masonry
  • Tested in concrete floors
  • Tested in linear joints up to 100mm wide
  • Joint movement capability +/- 25%