Intumescent Pillows


A temporary intumescent fire seal for penetrations where services are regularly changing to maintain the required fire resistance of a compartment

S-Line Pillows

S-Line® Fire Pillows

S-Line® Fire Pillows are an ideal product to create a temporary or permanent fire barrier around all types of services to prevent the passage of fire through a compartment wall or floor, especially suitable where services are continuously being changed or replaced.

Ideal for electrical trunking installation. S-Line® Fire Pillows are filled with organic fillers and intumescent additives in a waterproof glass bag on the outside. available in 3 sizes to ensure precise installat

The Advantages of S-Line® Fire Pillows

  • CE Marked
  • UL-EU Listed
  • Fire resistance testing to EN 1366-3 EI120 
  • Fire classification EN 13501-2
  • Certifire 3rd Party Accreditation CF514
  • IET (IEE) 17th Edition Fire Stop Compliant to Regulation 527.1-3 - Electrical Installations 
  • BS 7671-2008 Chapter 42 & 52 - Electrical Installations Fire Resistance
  • Fire resistance tested in rigid walls & floors
  • Tested with metallic pipes, cables, cable bunches, cable trays and cable ladders
  • Acoustic isolution En 14140 - 46dB
  • Air permeability EN 1026-420Pa
  • High Expansion ratio
  • Non-combustible and non-toxic
  • Ease of installation and long life
  • Can seal apertures up to 1m
  • Available in 3 differing sizes and colours to suit most applications

S Line Pillow 01